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WildFire Module


Carbon Module


Urban Planning

Revolutionizing the Way We Manage
and Protect Our Natural Resources

Comprehensive Suite of Software Modules for Sustainable Ecosystem Management

Our Software as a Service (SaaS) platform offers an unparalleled range of specialized modules designed to meet the diverse needs of stakeholders in the environmental and natural resources sectors. Each module is meticulously crafted to provide targeted solutions, ensuring that you can manage, analyze, and protect your assets with utmost precision and effectiveness.

“Development of our core modules, including carbon, wildfire, forestry, and urban interface is going as expected. Now that we are fully staffed, progress is occurring rapidly,” says Project Director Brent Tolmie. Genesis can do the required monitoring and assessment for half the cost of current solutions.

“Our mining module has now been named GeoHarmony and the team has made solid progress in acquiring large data sets and laying the framework for our geological tools, including a wireframe for the dashboard and certain Ai tools to cleanse the data. We are in commercial discussions with several groups in the mining exploration sector and expect to move to the definitive agreement stage in Q3 2024.”


Natural Resources - Mining Module

Genesis Ai Corp introduces GeoHarmony, a cutting-edge mining module poised to transform the exploration sector. With progress in data acquisition, geological tool development, and ongoing commercial discussions, GeoHarmony offers three distinct tiers of service tailored to meet the diverse needs of exploration clients.


Forest Inventory and Cruise Module

Genesis Ai Corp introduces TrueForest, a groundbreaking forestry module designed to leverage AI and Machine Learning for comprehensive forest inventory. This innovation aims to address industry challenges, eliminate inaccuracies, and provide advanced user tools, all at a fraction of the cost.

WildFire Module

Comprehensive Fire Management: Before, During, and After

Wildfire News

Carbon Module

Revolutionizing Carbon Modeling and Forest Preservation

Urban Planning Module

Revolutionizing Carbon Modeling and Forest Preservation


Join us in revolutionizing forest fire management through cutting-edge AI technology.

Innovative Market Leadership

By investing in Genesis AI, you gain a stake in a pioneering force that is reshaping the landscape of forest fire management through groundbreaking AI solutions, opening avenues for substantial market growth and technological advancement.

Environmental and Social Impact:

Your investment in Genesis AI aligns with a vital mission of safeguarding ecosystems, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and enhancing disaster preparedness. Join us in creating a positive impact on the environment while generating potential financial returns.

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