Genesis Releases Wildfire Defence Solutions AI Tool

Kelowna, British Columbia–(Newsfile Corp. – June 10, 2024) – Genesis AI Corp. (CSE: AIG) (OTCQB: AIGFF) (the “Company “) is pleased to announce the release of their wildfire tool, Wildfire Defence Solutions, using a custom GPT and machine learning.

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Wildfire Defence Solutions is the first release of a developing suite of the highest quality software that cities, towns, resorts, developers and governments can use to defend against wildfire. It helps to estimate the cost of building a resilient community by classifying fuel types, mapping critical infrastructure, and creating treatment units in order of importance.

The best way to fight fires is to prepare communities at risk to do the work required to remove ground and ladders fuels from adjacent forests and grasslands. Much progress has been made in fighting fires and early detection; this software seeks to address critical prevention works needed to lower the impact and financial cost of fires. CNN estimates the cost of wildfires to be between $87.4 and $427.8 billion per year in the US alone (Wildfires are dealing a massive blow to US real estate and homeownership, congressional report finds | CNN ).

The software automates Community Wildfire Protection Plans, which are typically paper documents that are only updated every 3 – 5 years. “Instead of relying on a passive PDF report, communities will now be able to see real time information updating a detailed report that outlines the risk of wildfire, the probable path the wildfire will take, and the cost to perform “FireSmart” protection techniques to build resilience against wildfire,” says project director Brent Tolmie.

The software pulls from many available public sources including historical fires, weather data, land ownership analysis, fuel types, and fire treatment analysis. Clients can select high, medium and low-resolution services based on their risk. The lowest resolution utilizes a free version of the Copernicus Sentinel-2 high resolution multi-spectral images of the earth, layering in that information as a viewable vegetation model that outlines risk. Other versions utilize paid satellite imagery of a higher resolution or drone-based LiDAR for the most accurate modelling.

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Communities can measure the efficacy of their works once completed, with satellite data showing if/when fuel treatments have been effective and what work is left to create a truly “FireSmart” community.

CEO Devinder Randhawa says, “we are pleased to be addressing the issue of wildfires across North America with real solutions. As a long-term resident of Kelowna, I have witnessed firsthand the devastation caused by the wildfires last year and in 2003. We are working to help communities quantify the cost of resilience and giving actionable intelligence to those affected.”

The Company is also pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Jordan Potts to the Board of Directors. Mr. Potts brings extensive experience in the public markets, having advised and served on numerous boards. Over the past six years, he has successfully secured substantial funding for junior exploration companies across Canada. His previous experience includes a significant tenure in the commercial real estate sector, where he was instrumental in fundraising and property management.

Additionally, the Company announces the transition of Mr. Jeremy Wiebe from the Board of Directors to the Company’s Advisory Board, effective immediately, due to new professional obligations. Mr. Randhawa added, “We extend our deepest gratitude to Jeremy for his dedicated service and valuable contributions. We are pleased that he will continue to offer his expertise as a member of our Advisory Board.”

About Genesis AI Corp.

Genesis AI Corp. is pursuing opportunities in the precision geospatial, forestry analytics, and carbon sector through Ai. is a generative Ai natural resources model in development, building digital twins of real-world forests.

Digital forests can be manipulated and studied in computer generated worlds, with the influence of deep machine learning, neural networks, and artificial intelligence. Digital forest technology has many applications including carbon offsetting, forest and land management and wildfire protection.


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